24-Hour Campus Escort Service

Public Safety officers are available to escort persons on campus any time of the day. You may request a Campus Escort dialing (803) 791-2373 or ext. 2373.

An officer will be dispatched to your location to escort you to your campus destination. You will need to provide the following information to the Communications Officer when requesting an escort: 

• Your name
• Location the escort is to meet you
• Time of pick-up
• Your destination
• Your vehicle information, if necessary

Hospital Watch

The Hospital Watch program organizes and trains staff members to watch and report criminal and/or suspicious activity to Public Safety. Public Safety and hospital administrators can organize all levels of hospital employees and volunteers to establish
Hospital Watch.

• Organize employees in the fight against hospital crime
• Build staff support
• Facilitate better communication between hospital departments and Public Safety
• Enhance the overall safety and security of patients, visitors and staff

Requirements of Successful Hospital Watch Programs
• Desire to make a difference
• Commitment to get involved and remain involved
• Leadership
• Communication
• Time

Hospital Watch is what we make of it — just like our hospital. If you do not care, criminals will quickly set up business.

Emergency Call Boxes

Public Safety has 75 outdoor “help” phones that dial directly to Lexington Medical Center emergency dispatchers. Each of our campuses has a number of emergency telephones strategically placed on campus to provide emergency access to campus Police. Each emergency phone is a metal box with a luminescent blue light on top and is clearly visible day and night. It is important to note that these phones ensure an immediate response in the event of a dangerous situation but are NOT to be used in non-emergency situations. You may also use them to report incidents or suspicious people, or to ask for an escort. Just pick up the phone receiver or press the button to request police assistance, report suspicious activity, unsafe conditions or crimes.  When you call, the Public Safety Communications Officer will know the location of the activated phone and will send assistance.

Motor Vehicle Assistance

Motor vehicle lockouts and jump-starting disabled car batteries are two services provided by the mobile patrol unit on campus. 

Various Law Enforcement Services

Public Safety is commissioned to provide police services such as responding to calls for services, incident reports, accident reports, criminal investigations, issues citations and make criminal arrests.