Effective law enforcement requires a cooperative effort. Help us protect the rights and safeguard the welfare of all individuals in the Lexington Medical Center community. If you are the victim of or witness to a crime or accident:

1) Call Public Safety immediately.

• Dial ext. 2222 or (803) 791-2222 for emergencies and ext. 2373 or (803) 791-2373 for non-emergencies.
• Come in person to the department at 105 West Hospital Drive.
• Push the red button on an emergency call box for a crime in progress and a dispatcher will answer.

2) Obtain a description.

Try to provide a description of the offender(s), including gender, age, race, hair, clothing and any other distinguishing features. Also provide the license number of any vehicles involved and the direction of travel.

3) Preserve the crime scene.

Do not touch any items involved in the incident and do not allow others into the scene until police arrive.